WiMo Farms
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Birds and Eggs!
The Chickens

Our very happy flock of
certified (from Colorado State University) flock of Avian influenza free chickens is one of the most diverse I know of! 

Our little flock tends to vary from year to year; however, currently most of our flock is made up of full-size dual-purpose heritage breeds such as Rhode Island Reds along with Aracauna crosses.  

When friends' kids come to visit they love chasing them around the pasture. 

As a result of a diverse flock, our eggs are many colors from shades of white and brown to even green and blue! 

We always receive compliments on the quality and flavor of our eggs from our friends.  We love our eggs and truly believe nothing beats the color, texture and flavor of our tasty eggs. 

A phenomenal quality of life truly does make a tastier product for our family. 

The Turkeys

We currently keep a small flock of turkeys (We LOVE turkey meat!!) and after MANY years of trying to figure out how to get them to breed, a few years back was our breakthrough with our new tom, Walnut.  We had previously tried a red bourbon tom, black Spanish toms and Narragansett toms.  None got the job done...

I read an awesome article in Backyard Poultry magazine and was convinced that we should try yet another heritage breed, the standard bronze.  That was the magic ticket and Walnut had proven to be a great "herdsire" for the turkey ladies!  Since then, we have moved on and are now trying our hands and raising White Hollands (they're still babies) and raising up some yummy double breasted birds to put into our freezer - also, YUM! 

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