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Raw Milk
Our journey into raw milk began in November of 2012.  We had read about the many benefits of raw milk and we met a marvelous woman, Sara Haas of Sure Shot Cattle Company down in Longmont, who specializes in small cattle. 

She had a few Irish Dexter cows that were in milk that she thought might be a good fit for us.  So, we voraciously read all we could about cows and milking and decided to jump in!  Well, it was a bit of a bumpy start to say the least!  Let's just say that our first cows weren't very "tame" (but they were budget friendly!)  Ok, that might even be a bit understated.  They were off of a range and hadn't been handled much at all.  In the first week of having the girls, poor Will ended up with the worst shiner that Mo had ever seen and bruises, not on one limb, but on EVERY limb!  Sara was absolutely right on though and they have been a marvelous fit for us.  They produced milk, but not an overwhelming amount and it was the best tasting milk I'd ever had! 

As we had extra, we started sharing it with our family and then realized that others were asking us about our milk.  The next logical step was to look at other "milking" breeds, and since we had been so excited about Sara's miniature Jerseys, we settled on Jerseys!  We don't have a miniature yet, but we're well on our way now to an A2/A2 group of registered gentle Jerseys. 

If you are interested in milk shares, please call Mo at the farm (970) 344-0808 or e-mail me at wimofarms@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below. 

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We've provided this contact form for those of you who prefer to contact us via the web.  Please add any comments you would like and we will be happy to respond to you and answer any questions you may have!

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