WiMo Farms
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Where our animals roam!
WiMo Overview
WiMo Farms is located in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado.  Nestled against the foothills, we are home to our happy flock of free-roaming chickens, turkeys and ducks.  WiMo is also home to a small herd of cows, horses, sheep, dogs and cats.

We started our little farming venture in the spring of 2006 with one rooster from Minnesota named Rex.  We quickly decided that Rex needed friends and grew our flock to 12 birds.  Rex has long since passed on but we still keep many birds.  Currently, we have a small mixed flock.

Our philosophy is that happy animals provide us with better food.  We treat all of our animals with love and respect.  All of our poultry are free ranging and always have access to all of the "birdie" luxuries that keep them happy.  They take dust baths, sunbathe, chase and catch bugs, eat grasses and weeds and scratch. 

We strive to have minimal impact on the land which we farm.  We reuse all waste from the animals for creating healthier soil for our pastures and gardens.   We also hope to, in the future, move to more sustainable energy sources as funds allow such as solar and wind energies. 

Please visit the other pages on our website for more information about us and our animals. Raising our own food is our passion and we love to share our knowledge with others.  

If you'd like to contact us, please call us at (970) 344-0808 or e-mail us at wimofarms@gmail.com. 

I welcome questions and am always interested in new friends. 


p.s. The picture at the top of the page is Big Red our old Bourbon Red tom. 

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