About Us

WiMo's newest venture, and NO we are NOT growing pot!

WiMo strives to provide the cleanest, purest raw CBD product for extraction

Why CBD?

Let's face it, farming is hard.  Our lovely raw dairy is such an enormous sense of pride, however, we have been losing money every year.  As such, we needed to find a way to supplement our family with something else we believed in strongly.  More than a year ago, we met a lovely man named Patrick who introduced us to another lovely man named John, who then introduced us to, a now great friend, Bill.  

We've seen, first hand, benefits realized by people who use CBD.  We've seen it slow down the growth of a cancer, we've seen it reduce inflammation, we've seen it reduce the need for taking opiate pain killers and doing it all through nature.  

The hemp plant truly is one of the most amazing plants in existence and because we believe in it, we wanted to be part of it.  And, of course, we are hoping that someday in the near future, hemp can become the crop that saves our little farm.  

The Potential

I've listed potential here because of two types of potential.  

  1. The potential for WiMo to become self-sustaining through this amazing crop and, 
  2. for the users of CBD

The first, I touched on briefly under the "Why CBD" section.  If we didn't find a way to diversify the farm, we knew we'd be out of farming sometime in 2018. We absolutely love farming and couldn't imagine our lives without our little farm, so CBD - here we come!!  This year's crop will be better than organic as we put all the plants into completely virgin ground and added nothing other than manure and sand from the river into the holes.  Our hope is to complete our USDA organic certification for our 2018 crop.  

Secondly, as we age, we've noticed changes in our own bodies where western drugs, medicine and medical solutions haven't either been effective or aren't very attractive.  Our personal success with CBD sealed the deal for us to choose to pursue farming it.