The Journey

How it all began


After being a vegetarian for more than 18 years, Mo met a man and fell in love with someone who actually embodied the ideals that she had been searching for with regards to food.  They started a small farm to feed themselves.  Respect, love and humane treatment of all animals from birth or hatch to the plate has been paramount and we have never wavered from that original mission.  

Why raw milk


Life, in addition to farming, is hard.  In 2012, we welcomed our lovely little girl into our family. At the age of 2 months, it was clear there were some significant neurological challenges, so we searched for more biologically available sources of real food for Mo to ingest for her.  Hence our journey into raw milk began with three crazy little Irish Dexter cows.

Where we are now


The growth of WiMo Farms over the last six years, has enabled us to share, in addition to the cleanest raw milk you will find in Colorado, humanely raised meats with our shareholders and customers.  We regularly have lamb, beef and seasonably have eggs, chicken, duck and turkey too!  Check out our "Meat" page to find out what's in stock today!